Data and Facts

Refrigerants Material
Safety refrigerants, particularly for the refrigerant CO2
Further fluids are possible after consultation with the manufacturer.
Wieland-K65, CuFe2P according to EN 12449
Fe 2,10 - 2,60 %
Zn 0,05 - 0,20 %
P 0,015 - 0,15 %
Pb 0,03 % max.
Cu balance
Temper K65-tubes Corrosion resistance
R300 according to EN 12449 and VdTÜV 567 (heat treated)
R420 according to EN 12449 (hard as drawn)
K65 tubes are insensitive to stress corrosion cracking and exhibits high resistance to natural atmosphere.
Standards and specifications Physical properties*
EN CuFe2P (according EN 12449)
VdTÜV Material Sheet 567 (12/2012)
UNS* C19400
*Unified Numbering System (USA)
Thermal conductivity >260 W/(mK)
Density 8,91 g/cm3
Coefficient of thermal expansion 17,6·10-6/K
* Reference values at room temperature