K65 tubes for refrigeration

Natural and safe cooling with the K65 system

In refrigeration, particularly in the field of supermarket refrigeration systems, ecology-oriented plant concepts are increasingly being used. The K65 system is optimized for the special requirements of natural refrigerants.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants such as CO2 R744 require piping systems that are approved for operating pressures of up to 130 bar. The Wieland-K65 tubes and the range of K65 brazing fittings from IBP Conex | Bänninger is a system for high-pressure applications based on copper. It is characterised by the usual ease of processing and the excellent heat transfer properties of copper.

For high pressures the K65 system is a unique combination of tubes and fittings. With K65, Wieland and IBP Conex | Bänninger offer an easy-to-use and safe complete system.

Your benefits

  • Cost reduction through reduction in unit weight
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Proven processing technology: brazing instead of welding!
  • Safety through two well-known manufacturers
  • TÜV certified

Product range

K65 Installationtubes

Learn more about the dimensions and technical data of Wieland K65 installation tubes.

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K65 Fittings

Here you will find information about the types and dimensions of the K65 fittings.

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K65 Industrial tubes

Find out more about Wieland K65 industrial tube.

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K65-System. Specifically.

Wieland-K65 can be processed as well as copper. Find out more about the material properties, processing options and our certifications.

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Would you like to learn more about K65? The experts from Wieland and IBP Conex | Bänninger will be happy to answer your questions.

Florian Diesch
Florian Diesch SBU Manager | Wieland Group
Andreas Hinkler
Andreas Hinkler IBP Conex | Bänninger